Magnanni Artesano Landing Page

01 Tasos Samos
Image of a wooden crate made in Spain.
02 01 Uncrate the Past

The Artesano Stitch is a distinct look seldom seen in footwear. Iconic to Magnanni, this tradition links the past to the present.

Side view of the Magnanni Tasos lace up shoe.
A male model sits and drinks, wearing light red pants and Magnanni Tasos Tabaco and Cuero shoes.
Close up of the Magnanni Tasos dess lace up shoe on a male model's feet.
03 Tasos
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02 Samos
Portrait shot of a male model in a flowery button up shirt.
Close up of the Magnanni Samos dress lace up shoe on a male model's foot.
05 Samos
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A male model holds a magazine while wearing white pants and Magnanni Samos dress lace up shoes.
06 Samos
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07 03 Leros
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Close up of Magnanni Leros Grey monk strap shoes on sand.
08 04 Ondara II
09 05 Nero
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06 The Artesano Stitch
A male model wearing Magnanni Tasos dress lace up shoes smokes a cigar near a dinosaur skull he presumably discovered.
10 The Artesano Stitch
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